Issue: context:FailureReason incoherencies

Dear all,

In its current state, Part 2 of the specification is not
coherent about the context:FailureReason property.
In 6.1 [1], this property is defined as being an URI
In 6.2 [2] and 6.3 [3], it has values such as "receptionFailure".
In 7.5.2 [4], it has values such as "fail:receptionFailure".

Two solutions exist to render the specification coherent:
context:FailureReason is a QName.
It has values such as "fail:receptionFailure".
Pros: concise.
Cons: can we use QName outside an XML document/XML infoset?

context:FailureReason is a URI.
It has values such as:
Pros: we use URIs.
Cons: more verbose.




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Received on Thursday, 1 August 2002 14:37:07 UTC