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Attribute and SVG object synchronization.

Browser support

cable services

CSIRO SVG Toolkit - new release

Default XSL stylesheet for XHTML documents

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Determining UserAgent's client size.

does document.getElementId("MyElementId") work?

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method- vs. attribute-based access (was Re: does document.getEle...)

Missing inheritance

missing styles on strokes

need workaround for Adobe plugin "window.open" problem on netscape

sample files demonstrating problem

setBaseVal() bindings


Subject: RE: Lack of Forms Constructs in SVG


SVG 2 wish-list

SVG specification issues


SVGLIst::createItem() and SVGPathSeg

Symbol element

Workaround for Netscape SVG window.open and window.location update problems.

XForm and SVG may solve the question


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