Symbol element


     I'm working in desing svg-simulation pages (for physics
     experiments) and i have some questions abouts the symbol element

     My questions is:
        could to use the simbol element for a multiple reference in a
        <use> statment hopping that the multiple refernce will have
        diferents descendant?

        For example:
         <symbol id="archetip">
           <path id="x1"..... />
           <path id="x5"..... />



         <use id="ref1" xlink:href="#archetip"...>
         <use id="ref2" xlink:href="#archetip"...>
         <use id="ref3" xlink:href="#archetip"...>


         <script language="JavaScript1.2"><![CDATA[
            here we gets each ref1 and atributes for manipulations
            for example:

            var svgref1=document.svg_a.getSVGDocument();
            // the label for this svg in the html document is svg_a
            var tick1_from1=svgref1.getElementById ('x1');
            var tick2_from1=svgref1.getElementById ('x2');
            var tick5_from1=svgref1.getElementById ('x5');
            // and we add modifications ...
            // we repeat the procedure for the other:
            var svgref2=document.svg_a.getSVGDocument();
            var tick1_from2=svgref2.getElementById ('x1');
            var tick1_from2=svgref2.getElementById ('x2');

            // and so on..

      If my post was send to the wrong group, please tell me the right
      people, and if you have a good reference for tutorial (not the
      Adobe SVG work) could you send me the links?

      Thanks you in advance.
Best regards,

Received on Thursday, 26 October 2000 15:01:33 UTC