RE: Determining UserAgent's client size.

> From:	Adam Van Den Hoven []
> I want to convert an arbitrary set of data into an SVG image. Clearly this
> should be a simple task. However, I need to know something about the
> actual
> number of pixels to work with to decide how many tick marks and lables I
You can't know this.  Even if the image is necessarily
generated on the fly, you can't tell what resolution of
printer will be used for a proof and for a quality hard
copy, and you can't know whether the image will be saved
and viewed on a different resolution display, or whether the
window will be resized after the download.

If the image can reasonably be pre-computed, dynamic
sizing will make it uncacheable, which is an undesirable
attribute for any web page.  You would need to have
several resolutions and contents negotiate.

There are proprietory HTTP headers that ought to allow
content negotiations and and I believe there a proposals
for a standard way for clients to inform the server of
their capabilities.

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