Determining UserAgent's client size.

Good afternoon, 

I have a question about SVG that I had hoped would be answered by IBM's XML
to SVG tutorial but didn't.

I want to convert an arbitrary set of data into an SVG image. Clearly this
should be a simple task. However, I need to know something about the actual
number of pixels to work with to decide how many tick marks and lables I
want to display. For instance, if the SVG file is going to be displayed in a
100X100 px area, I'm probably only going to want to display the maximum
value lable and the axis. If I'm in a 1000X1000px space, I'll want to put
tick marks every 30 units and lables every 90.

I'm probably also going to want to use the same font size (assuming no mag
or zoom) for both to make it easy to read.

Any suggestions?
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Received on Wednesday, 18 October 2000 19:00:06 UTC