RE: Subject: RE: Lack of Forms Constructs in SVG

> From:	Robert Diblasi []
> A  WWW3  technology called XForms may be th enswer to the problem the
> David ask:
> >however, the one commonly used feature of HTML that seems to be missing
> is forms. 
> XForms states on the activities page:
	I need to understand how mixed namespaces will work better,
	but anything that is going to work for ordinary content
	authors needs to appear to be a single language.  They 
	can probably cope with namespace labels, treating them
	as just part of the arcanity forming a composite 
	"tag" (really element) name, but what they really want
	is not SVG, or even HTML, but a single commercial web
	page authoring language.  SVG looks very close to such
	a language for all except forms!

	If W3C doesn't write a specification for such a language,
	a lot of the popular web designers will, effectively,
	try to do so.

	(A quick look at the early XForms material suggests
	that it is most appropriate for intranet, data intensive
	applications, whereas heavily graphical pages are likely to 
	have just a search box, or user name and password fields on
	them.  I'd expect such pages to use animation for many
	pulldown lists.

	It appears to be presentation independent, which means you
	need something else to describe the apperance of the controls.)
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