SVG specification issues

A few minor errors with the current specification:

The specification defines a CSS decimal number as having at least one
digit before or after the dot.  But according to the CSS2 spec, it
actually should be defined as having at least one digit after the dot.  

The new icc-color syntax does not define a separator between its Icc color
numbers.  It used to be comma separated, should it still be this way?

The specification states that SVGICCColor interface is a base class for
SVGColor.  SVGICCColor isn't a base class.

The description of SVGStylable's getPresentationAttribute states:
	"If the given attribute or property is being animated, contains the
current animated value of the attribute or property. If the given
attribute or property is not currently being animated, contains the same
value as
Should this description be with getAnimatedPresentationAttribute rather
than the former?

And one suggestion:
Element Attributes that have underlying objects require parsing before
they can be used to set their underlying objects.  For example, a path
element's 'd' attribute needs to be parsed before it can set the
underlying path segment lists.  However,  the setAttribute, setNodeValue
etc. methods do not throw parse exceptions, so the user does not know
whether the attribute was parsed correctly.  Subclassing DOM's attribute
and adding a method to query whether the set method succeeded or failed at
parsing the string and setting the underlying object may be useful for the

Received on Thursday, 26 October 2000 13:57:01 UTC