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collaborative bookmarking / categorization as annotation? Reto Bachmann-Gmuer (Friday, 27 December)

Annotea protocol document update Marja-Riitta Koivunen (Thursday, 19 December)

attributions, create document names and message ids Eric Prud'hommeaux (Wednesday, 18 December)

updating annotations Doug Daniels (Wednesday, 11 December)

replying to annotations Doug Daniels (Thursday, 5 December)

A simple Annotation System Venkatasubramani S (Wednesday, 27 November)

CSS2 to show annotations Joseph Reagle (Tuesday, 26 November)

mozilla XPointer component Doug Daniels (Wednesday, 20 November)

Problem with ZAnnot escaping fixed [Was Re: GTK Amaya 6.4 can't post annotations??] Brent Hendricks (Tuesday, 19 November)

problems installing annotea Richard Kaye (Tuesday, 19 November)

Re: [www-annotation] <none> central (Sunday, 17 November)

robustness of string matching XPointers Doug Daniels (Sunday, 17 November)

Deleting annotations with replies Matthew Wilson (Saturday, 16 November)

GTK Amaya 6.4 can't post annotations?? Brent Hendricks (Friday, 15 November)

Annotea and changed files again Veith Risak (Monday, 11 November)

Re: How does mozilla handle bookmarks HTML -> RDF? Dan Brickley (Friday, 1 November)

Annotea and changed files Veith Risak (Friday, 25 October)

problem with Annotea service using javascript bookmarklet Paul Millar (Wednesday, 23 October)

Confusion over RDF for annotation type Matthew Wilson (Thursday, 17 October)

[Fwd: Re: New annotea server in Zope] Brent M Hendricks (Thursday, 17 October)

Reading material, links, implementations, etc. Richard Michael (Thursday, 10 October)

New annotea server in Zope Brent Hendricks (Wednesday, 9 October)

LMML documents LaSapienza sapienza (Monday, 7 October)

Some ruby code for dealing with annotea servers Charles McCathieNevile (Sunday, 29 September)

(wrong string) !! edu@hotmail.com (Wednesday, 11 September)

Placement of annotation mark in document veith.risak (Saturday, 17 August)

Re: hebrew with vowels Shelomo ben-Avraham (Monday, 9 September)

Fwd: YOU, need to PROTECT your computer TODAY! 10553 blue749@hotmail.com (Saturday, 7 September)


email annotation Laurent Denoue (Wednesday, 28 August)

Is there anyidea about annotation search? Xiao Peng (Wednesday, 28 August)

short server outage Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 26 August)

收購手錶 time@w3.org (Monday, 26 August)

Server down ? Claus (Monday, 26 August)

Right behaviour for my client ? Claus (Wednesday, 21 August)

===== | O R B ===== Writter@hotmail.com (Monday, 19 August)

相逢自是有緣!! =.akibo.=@w3.org (Saturday, 17 August)

server response from annotation post rainking@rice.edu (Saturday, 10 August)

Getting HTTP 509, when trying to delete annotation Claus (Wednesday, 31 July)

Annotation types Claus (Wednesday, 7 August)

Annotea Bookmarklet Service has been Terminated [Was: Questions on Annotea servlet set-up] Art.Barstow@nokia.com (Tuesday, 6 August)

Questions on Annotea servlet set-up Sandor Spruit (Monday, 5 August)

Annotea schema question: meaning of dc:creator in annotea RDF Dan Brickley (Monday, 5 August)

EARL and Image Annotations workshop/meeting in Bristol Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 2 August)

Annotea Schemas Claus (Thursday, 1 August)

Problem with Algernon.pm Rafael Dutra de Souza (Monday, 29 July)

Bug-reports in Annotea-documentation V. Risak (Friday, 26 July)

New User Access Request page. David Emmerson (Tuesday, 16 July)

Setup of annotea, perl+SQL, Pg vs. MySQL Richard Michael (Monday, 15 July)

annotating text with concept codes Wendy A Chisholm (Wednesday, 10 July)

MAKE THE BEST LOVE OF YOUR LIFE - GUARANTEED! 29672 dbdst@hotmail.com (Wednesday, 10 July)

New icons in Amaya 6.2 - redistribution allowed? matthew@mjwilson.demon.co.uk (Tuesday, 9 July)

Re: seeAlso etc. Matthew Wilson (Wednesday, 3 July)

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