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'select' on p:xpath-context ?

'select' on p:xpath-context ? (was Re: Updated draft: 27 Jan 2007)

A consequence of <p:xslt>

Agenda for XML Process Model WG telcon 2007-02-01

Chameleon Component Summary & Proposal

Chameleon components

Data Encoding Vocabulary

Dealing with non-XML documents


Editing in earnest

Editor's draft for review

Editorial: p:xpath-context

Examples of pipelines, various

Identity Component

Load Component

Minutes for XML Process Model WG telcon 2007-02-01

Namespace for our Components

p:input in viewport

Parameters Proposal

Parameters: let's keep it simple

port names (was Re: Updated draft: 27 Jan 2007)

Proposed component list

Remarks on alternate proposal

Small typos in XProc 27th November Working Draft

Updated draft: 27 Jan 2007

Validate Component

XInclude Component

XProc Agenda ***8*** Feb 2007

XProc Agenda 1 Mar 2007

XProc Agenda 15 Feb 2007

XProc Agenda 22 Feb 2007

XProc Agenda 7 Feb 2007

xproc Component

XProc Minutes 15 Feb 2007

XProc Minutes 22 Feb 2007

XProc Minutes 8 Feb 2007

XSLT Component

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