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Fwd: [Moderator Action] Re: On Crypto API Safety in the Hands of Unskilled Developers Wendy Seltzer (Friday, 29 March)

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3GPP liaison request - possible answer GALINDO Virginie (Friday, 29 March)

Fwd: [Moderator Action] RE: On Crypto API Safety in the Hands of Unskilled Developers Wendy Seltzer (Thursday, 28 March)

On Crypto API Safety in the Hands of Unskilled Developers Richard Barnes (Thursday, 28 March)

AlgorithmIdentifier in encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify operations Mark Watson (Thursday, 28 March)

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Race condition? Richard Barnes (Monday, 25 March)

Certificate Management Protocol with RFC4210 Mountie Lee (Monday, 25 March)

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Face-to-face schedule for WebCrypto and WebAppSec meetings Mike Jones (Wednesday, 20 March)

Key export and an opaque KeyFormat Vijay Bharadwaj (Wednesday, 20 March)

[to editors] pubrules change for clearer indication of First Public/Last Call Working Draft at top of document GALINDO Virginie (Tuesday, 19 March)

Feedback sent to JOSE Richard Barnes (Tuesday, 19 March)

Proposed ISSUE: Flatten algorithm identifiers Richard Barnes (Monday, 18 March)

Anyone at Cryptography Forum Research Group at IETF 86? Harry Halpin (Friday, 15 March)

PROPOSAL: Charter extension for 9 months Harry Halpin (Friday, 15 March)

[Web Crypto WG] our regular call next monday @20:00 UTC GALINDO Virginie (Friday, 15 March)

Register for WebCrypto F2F April 23-24 in San Jose Wendy Seltzer (Wednesday, 13 March)

W3C Web Crypto WG - Sodium, a step ahead NaCl GALINDO Virginie (Thursday, 7 March)

What happens if input ArrayBufferView changes during a WebCrypto operation ? Mark Watson (Wednesday, 6 March)

Algorithm management goals Richard Barnes (Monday, 4 March)

BigNum API Proposal Anthony Nadalin (Monday, 4 March)

Proposal for charter extension Harry Halpin (Monday, 4 March)

ISSUE-37 Fwd: [jose] #7: Algorithm identifiers/parameters incompatible with WebCrypto Harry Halpin (Monday, 4 March)

ISSUE-9 [was Re: ISSUE-30: Key import/export?] Harry Halpin (Monday, 4 March)

Regrets for todays call Nick Van den Bleeken (Monday, 4 March)

W3C Web Crypto WG - agenda for our call on monday 4th of march @ 20:00 UTC (today) GALINDO Virginie (Monday, 4 March)

draft for certificate management Mountie Lee (Monday, 4 March)

RE: Proposal for key wrap/unwrap (ISSUE-35) Vijay Bharadwaj (Friday, 1 March)

[WebCrypto Key Discovery] Algorithm names in named keys Nick Van den Bleeken (Friday, 1 March)

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