Re: Anyone at Cryptography Forum Research Group at IETF 86?

In discussions with others at IETF, this is not something that the
CFRG tries to provide.

That is, the CFRG helps provide input and design, particularly around
the design of *new* protocols. This is not a suitable overlap with
what you want - which is development guidance for the use of
particular algorithms.

The CFRG cipher catalog, which you have previously requested to
reference, is entirely in the context of discussion of ciphers *in use
by standard protocols*. You do not, for example, see discussions of

Respectfully, a "how to be a cryptographer" is not a good activity.

On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 8:10 AM, Harry Halpin <> wrote:
> If so, it may be useful to discuss with them their feedback (via Zooko) to
> the API.
> I have thought, and this came up in an OECD discussion with the IETF chair,
> that per-algorithm security considerations *in a separate RFC* might be a
> good idea. Note this is a separate conversation than the registry, but would
> address their comments by putting the ball back in their court, so to speak.
> Then our API can point to their RFC, which they can then keep updated as
> long as the CFRG runs. Did the CFRG discuss this, or the API, at all?
>    cheers,
>       harry

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