Second Call for Github IDs for test-suite


We're working with the HTML WG to get a test-suite up. Not by this 
meeting, but by next one.

Nick - What's your GitHub ID - if you want, we can add you to the 
test-suite committers.

Ryan, I think I need yours as well.

And everyone else is of course invited. We can do a test-suite training 
if people want in March or early April before the f2f. At the f2f there 
will be lots of other WGs working on test-suites, so the 
cross-pollination there should be excellent.


On 03/04/2013 01:55 PM, Nick Van den Bleeken wrote:
> Can't attend todays call, I have a conflicting meeting.
> Kind regards,
> Nick Van den Bleeken
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