Proposal for charter extension

After discussion with the W3C Management, there was thinking there should be a 9 month charter extension, although ideally all issues related to the "low-level" API would be, as the WG discussed, closed within 6 months.

However, although progress on the low-level API is going fast, it was felt the high-level API and possibly Key Discovery needed more work/review and thus an additional 3 months would be useful.

Here's a timeline:

* By April F2F, close the issues relating to functional scope on low-level API, including coverage of secondary features

* By July IETF (Berlin), prepare for and seek reviews by privacy and security-minded researchers and developers including, PING, JOSE,
WebSec and the research community on low-level API, have issues closed on high-level API and key discovery..

A F2F in conjunction with IETF could help advance discussions on key storage security and relation to JOSE if the WG needs it.

* By November TPAC (China), last call and at that point consider a visit to Korea to listen to banking use cases.

We can update the charter to reflect these changes if the WG agrees to the extension.


Received on Monday, 4 March 2013 14:13:38 UTC