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[UPGRADE] passive mixed content breakage with the current variant of upgrade-insecure-requests Peter Eckersley (Sunday, 27 December)

[CSP] "sri" source expression to enforce SRI Patrick Toomey (Monday, 21 December)

Re: [SRI] Shared Cache through `sharedcache` attribute Romuald Brillout (Monday, 21 December)

[SRI] Unmentioned use case: caching Ian Denhardt (Sunday, 20 December)

webappsec-ACTION-215: Schedule conversation with web platform wg chairs and webappsec re csp3 Web Application Security Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 16 December)

Teleconference Agenda for December 16, 2015 Daniel Veditz (Wednesday, 16 December)

Call for Exclusions: Content Security Policy: Cookie Controls and Content Security Policy: Embedded Enforcement Xueyuan Jia (Tuesday, 15 December)

New proposal: Adding WebRTC/MediaCapture permissions to the permissions model Harald Alvestrand (Wednesday, 9 December)

Signatures Sean B. Palmer (Wednesday, 9 December)

new CSP draft. Mike West (Friday, 4 December)

[webappsec] new UISecurity draft, based on IronFrame and IntersectionObserver Brad Hill (Thursday, 3 December)

TLS 1.3 and Captive Portals Craig Francis (Thursday, 3 December)

Kazakhtelecom JSC notifies on introduction of National Security Certificate from 1 January 2016 Jeffrey Walton (Wednesday, 2 December)

[webappsec] 02-Dec-2015 Teleconference CANCELLED Brad Hill (Tuesday, 1 December)

Re: CfC: CSP Cookie Controls to FPWD; deadline Dec. 7th. Deian Stefan (Tuesday, 1 December)

Re: Proposal: Showing the padlock icon on all secure origins Adam Muntner (Monday, 30 November)

Re: call for agenda items for Wednesday's conference call Mike West (Tuesday, 1 December)

Re: WS/Service Workers, TLS and future apps - [was Re: HTTP is just fine] Aymeric Vitte (Tuesday, 1 December)

Re: [webappsec] new UISecurity draft for Monday Brad Hill (Tuesday, 1 December)

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