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[CSP] "sri" source expression to enforce SRI

[SRI] Shared Cache through `sharedcache` attribute

[SRI] Unmentioned use case: caching

[UPGRADE] passive mixed content breakage with the current variant of upgrade-insecure-requests

[webappsec] 02-Dec-2015 Teleconference CANCELLED

[webappsec] new UISecurity draft for Monday

[webappsec] new UISecurity draft, based on IronFrame and IntersectionObserver

call for agenda items for Wednesday's conference call

Call for Exclusions: Content Security Policy: Cookie Controls and Content Security Policy: Embedded Enforcement

CfC: CSP Cookie Controls to FPWD; deadline Dec. 7th.

Kazakhtelecom JSC notifies on introduction of National Security Certificate from 1 January 2016

new CSP draft.

New proposal: Adding WebRTC/MediaCapture permissions to the permissions model

Proposal: Showing the padlock icon on all secure origins


Teleconference Agenda for December 16, 2015

TLS 1.3 and Captive Portals

webappsec-ACTION-215: Schedule conversation with web platform wg chairs and webappsec re csp3

WS/Service Workers, TLS and future apps - [was Re: HTTP is just fine]

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