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[apis] Parental Control use case uploaded Ng, Sheau (NBCUniversal) (Tuesday, 30 July)

Join the Web and TV Interest Group (Call for Participation) Coralie Mercier (Tuesday, 30 July)

[apis] New Use Case uploaded Ng, Sheau (NBCUniversal) (Friday, 26 July)

[APIS] New link for APIS UC-Req-Xref-Table Ng, Sheau (NBCUniversal) (Friday, 26 July)

[testing] Results from internal and external survey Giuseppe Pascale (Friday, 26 July)

[apis] requirement for offline content protection Olivier Thereaux (Friday, 26 July)

[apis] metadata formats list Olivier Thereaux (Friday, 26 July)

[apis] ACTION-128 Drafting Use-Case/Requirements Cross-Reference Table Ng, Sheau (NBCUniversal) (Thursday, 25 July)

[apis] Ng, Sheau (NBCUniversal) (Thursday, 25 July)

Fwd: Reply Liaison Statement from OMA TP to W3C Web&TV IG on Testing Survey Giuseppe Pascale (Thursday, 25 July)

Internet caption/subtitles ecosystem (was: [tt] Minutes of Timed Text TF teleconference, 11 July 2013) Pierre-Anthony Lemieux (Thursday, 25 July)

[apis] Requirements Updated HU, BIN (Thursday, 25 July)

[apis] Action for Sung Hei Kim from CC Today HU, BIN (Wednesday, 24 July)

[apis] Media APIs TF teleconference, TODAY 24 July Olivier Thereaux (Wednesday, 24 July)

Web & TV IG consensus input on the proposed revision of the TTWG Vickers, Mark (Tuesday, 23 July)

egBox - a prototype HTML5 based set top box Olivier Thereaux (Wednesday, 17 July)

[apis] Draft of Requirements derived from Use Cases based on CC 7/10/2013 HU, BIN (Tuesday, 16 July)

[tt] Minutes of Timed Text TF teleconference, 11 July 2013 Daniel Davis (Thursday, 11 July)

[apis] minutes - 10 July 2013 Kazuyuki Ashimura (Wednesday, 10 July)

[APIs] Agenda for Media APIs TF CC on Wednesday July 10th 2013 HU, BIN (Tuesday, 9 July)

TTV 1.0.0 Alpha 1 Release Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 9 July)

Web and Television, Multiple Devices and Speeches and Presentations Adam Sobieski (Sunday, 30 June)

[apis] Cross-review of HNReq document and current list of use cases Olivier Thereaux (Thursday, 4 July)

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