TTV 1.0.0 Alpha 1 Release

The first (functional complete) alpha release of TTV (Timed Text Verifier)
1.0.0 is now available at [1]. Prebuilt binary and source JAR artifacts are
available at [2].

Included in this release are 268 new test files [3] used to test
non-well-formed, invalid, and valid constructs according to TTML1.0 (2nd
Edition) [4].

TTV is being made available under a BSD style license with unrestricted
rights to use, modify, or derive further works. Furthermore, the author is
not aware of any patent that reads on this work.

See [5] in order to report any issue or feature enhancement request. A
number of additional "lint" type enhancements are already open, beyond
those already implemented as optional warnings, i.e., warnings not enabled
by default.

At present, we believe that all invalid constructs, both syntactic and
semantic, are adequately tested; however, if you should discover any you
believe are not covered, then please open a new issue at [5].



Received on Tuesday, 9 July 2013 01:49:51 UTC