Re: [apis] Cross-review of HNReq document and current list of use cases

Hi Bin,

On 10 Jul 2013, at 06:33, "HU, BIN" <> wrote:
> Speaking of "gap", in my view, the gaps are the "requirements" that haven't been addressed by any technical specification yet. HNReq is not a technical specification, but more like a set or collection of proposed solutions. Let alone it is also not clear whether those solution-looking use cases in HNReq are "gaps" or not. I personally don't think so. That's why comparing our use cases with HNReq won't help us at all. It will just end up with "my solution can solve your use case".

I agree with you. We are, however, faced with the question of how we deal with the recently submitted use cases without repeating all the work already done in the HN task force. If anything, I hope my review serves to point out that maybe we do not need to spend a lot of time on Use Cases, but instead move on to requirements and gap analysis.

> I suggest that the more effective approach is to focus on "requirement" and related gaps.
> - As the first step, it is more important to summarize the concrete requirement from those use cases.

Yes, absolutely. I'd like the group to consider doing that exercise not only from our list of use cases, but also from the ones in HNReq.


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