Re: [apis] ACTION-128 Drafting Use-Case/Requirements Cross-Reference Table


Ng, Sheau (NBCUniversal) wrote:
> 22-F : 1.20 / UC5: Content Search
> I would vote "not X": it's a good idea to let people discover content,
> even if it means they will need to acquire certain rights to view it.
> I'm confident movie studios would agree with this ;)
> SHEAU> My thinking is actually along the line of Parental Control, which
> unfortunately, isn't one of the Requirements (yet). While Content
> Search, by definition, should reach as wide a set of content as
> possible, there needs to be some mechanism to selectively hide some
> content for various reasons, including the typical need for parental
> control. I think this may be a case for a new Use Case.

Second that. There's probably some space for another use case here.

> 22-H : 1.20 / UC7: Channel Bounded Applications
> Not sure what you mean? Is your question "If an app is bounded to a
> channel, viewing this app implicitely means you have access to the
> channel" ? If I understood your question correctly, my answer would be
> "it depends"
> - content provider might want to provide protected apps because they're
> strongly related to the protected content and providing them for free
> reduces the perceived value of the content
> - content provider might also want to provide unprotected apps to tease
> non-subscribers. These apps would be considered as generic trailers, or
> informative apps about the protected channel ("what are your benefits if
> you subscribe", or any other stuff content providers' imagination can
> birth.
> - they might even want to provide both apps: if a user is subscribed,
> give him app X, if he isn't, give him app Y.
> SHEAU> I agree with your statements. In fact, that's the reason I
> thought UC7 would lead to a Content Protection requirements. According
> to my understanding,, the UC->Requirements mapping does not mean that
> all UC must operate with the associated Requirements. It simply says
> that a particular UC will need the support of a specific function. In
> this case, the Channel Bounded Applications need Content Protection
> function support. It does not means all Channel Bounded Applications
> must use Content Protection.



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