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notes from TPAC Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 31 October)

What is a WebID? Kingsley Idehen (Wednesday, 31 October)

identification, authorisation, authentication Nathan (Wednesday, 31 October)

Meeting minutes of first day at TPAC Henry Story (Monday, 29 October)

On the security of cloud storage services Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 28 October)

ANN: todo list app Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 28 October)

WebID and Friends -- a silent movie demonstrating what's possible Kingsley Idehen (Saturday, 27 October)

Why it always starts with Email Kingsley Idehen (Wednesday, 24 October)

web identity problem illustrated rather well Nathan (Wednesday, 24 October)

RWW-0 Interop Draft Kingsley Idehen (Tuesday, 23 October)

TPAC Agenda Henry Story (Tuesday, 23 October)

Unity Web API v 1.0 Melvin Carvalho (Friday, 19 October)

Re: Introducing Ubuntu Web Apps: setting the web free of the browser Melvin Carvalho (Friday, 19 October)

New Description Line for RWW CG Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 17 October)

MyProfile VM image available for download. Andrei Sambra (Tuesday, 16 October)

TPAC - final day to register at €45 Henry Story (Tuesday, 16 October)

Proposal: 7 Core Use Cases For The Social RWW? Melvin Carvalho (Monday, 15 October)

Writing to your facebook timeline via feed dialog Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 14 October)

Understanding Activity Dialog Melvin Carvalho (Saturday, 13 October)

TPAC meeting - don't forget to pay and register Henry Story (Thursday, 11 October)

Re: browserver Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 10 October)

transfer of URI/WebID ownership Nathan (Tuesday, 9 October)

Fwd: [announce] WebPlatform Docs: community resource for Web developers and designers Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 9 October)

Fwd: W3C Community Group for SDshare Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 9 October)

Re: TLS-CCA. Was: Browser UI & privacy - a discussion with Ben Laurie Nathan (Monday, 8 October)

Re: unlinkability Kingsley Idehen (Saturday, 6 October)

Fwd: IETF approves HTTP 2.0 charter Melvin Carvalho (Friday, 5 October)

Fwd: RDB2RDF Recommendations are published Melvin Carvalho (Thursday, 4 October)

Test Post Kingsley Idehen (Wednesday, 3 October)

Re: ISO 15926 Ian Glendinning (Tuesday, 2 October)

W3C Technical Plenary registration form Henry Story (Tuesday, 2 October)

Re: TPAC Lyon meeting for WebID, RWW & Social Web community groups ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ (Monday, 1 October)

WebID, ReadWriteWeb and SocialWeb meetup at TPAC [via Read Write Web Community Group] Henry Story (Monday, 1 October)

Re: VIE.js - Semantic Interaction Framework Henri Bergius (Monday, 1 October)

EmailSigning feedback Jürgen Jakobitsch (Monday, 1 October)

Re: Getting Serious about WebID Bootstrap David Chadwick (Monday, 1 October)

Re: WebID and e-mail verification -- was: Getting Serious about WebID Bootstrap Henry Story (Monday, 1 October)

preparing for TPAC teleconf Henry Story (Monday, 1 October)

Re: Fwd: Activity Pingback Sandeep Shetty (Sunday, 30 September)

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