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[Admin] Agenda for RIF telecon 27 January

[Admin] Agenda for RIF telecon 6 January

[Admin] Agenda RIF telecon 20 January

[ADMIN] Minutes of 20 January 2009 telecon

[Core] new safeness condition

[DTB] ACTION-682 completed

[F2F] Schedule for the agenda

[Fwd: [PRD] Difficult test case?]

[Fwd: Re: Problem with rdf:XMLLiteral]

[PRD] PRD TF telecon Tuesday 20 January

[PRD] PRD TF telecon Tuesday 27 January

[PRD] PRD TF telecon Tuesday 6 January

[RIF-PS] curies allow comma, parens

[RIF] Core comments/questions

[RIF] Import directives in test cases - changes to approved test cases?

[RIF][Admin] Minutes Telecon 27 January 2009

[RIF][PRD] Complete Read of RIF-PRD

[TED] a strawman for accessing XML data (with or without a schema; with or without an XML data document)

Action 695 argument

ACTION tracker broken

ACTION-684: to add a version of with the import having a ^^xs:string

ACTION-685: Write a test case or two to illiustrate how ## and rdfs:subClassOf relate

An example of interchange Prolog to JRules

Are you coming to RIF F2F12? Attending remotely?

AW: OWL2 issues

calendar, thinking about F2F13

change in travel plans for RIF F2F

draft public comment for OWL last call from RIF

ESTA travel authorization (for travel to USA)

European Master in Computational Logic - scholarships for non-European and European students

F2F12 Minutes

F2F12: Core safety criterion

FYI: [CURIE Syntax 1.0 is a Candidate Recommendation (Call for Implementations)]

FYI: my comment to OWL WG about DTs in OWL 2 RL

How to specify prefixes for test case conclusions

Implications of integer/float non-disjointness

int/float disjointness

ISSUE-86: rdf:text implies change to SPARQL

ISSUE-87 (string subclassOf text): rif:text document reinterprets xs:string as a subtype of rdf:text

ISSUE-88 (string subclass text): rdf:text document redefines xs:string as a subclass of rdf:text

ISSUE-92 (n-ary string builtins): N-ary builtins for strings [DTB]

Message to OWL comments on common datatypes

Minutes of the Jan 2009 Telecon

Objects VS Frames

Question on rdf:text and the BLD XML serialization

regrets for F2F12

RIF Survey on F2F 13

Scribing duties for RIF telecons

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