AW: OWL2 issues

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Von: M. Scott Marshall [] 
Gesendet: Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009 16:40
An: 'Adrian Paschke';
Betreff: OWL2 issues

Hi Adrian,

I heard of a datatype incompatibility between OWL2 and RIF that could 
result in conflicting implementations. OWL2 considers 1^xsd:integer to 
be the same as 1^xsd:float whereas RIF sees them as different. Something 
like that.. Is this already being discussed somewhere?

Also, from SWCG telcon minutes: "OWL 2 has a rule profile (OWL RL), 
which is the fragment of OWL that can me implemented with a fairly 
simple rule language -- it makes sense to have that profile specified in 

Should these things be noted in OWL2 Call for comments?


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