calendar, thinking about F2F13

A few upcoming events...

2009-03-23...24  W3C AC Meeting            Cambridge, MA, US
2009-04-20...24       Madrid, Spain
2009-05-31...04  Heraklion, Greece

It's very unlikely I'll be able to travel to attend, so I like the idea
Harold mentioned of co-locating with the AC meeting, ie holding RIF
F2F12 on March 25-26, at MIT.  (I can also host at MIT any other time,
too, at our current size.)  I know this isn't fair -- we ought to be
back in Europe next time -- but it's what I'm stuck with.

As a reminder, the RIF charter expires at the end of May, as per [1],
but if we've made significant progress, I'm optimistic about some kind
of extension (perhaps with reduced meetings, for a post-LC wrap-up).

      -- Sandro


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