ISSUE-92 (n-ary string builtins): N-ary builtins for strings [DTB]

ISSUE-92 (n-ary string builtins): N-ary builtins for strings [DTB]

Raised by: Christopher Welty
On product: DTB

In DTB section 3.5 (Functions and Predicates on Strings) we say:

Editor's Note: The following treatment of built-ins which may have multiple arities is a strawman proposal currently under discussion in the working group.

In the following, we encounter several versions of some built-ins with varying arity, since XPath and XQuery allow overloading, i.e. the same function or operator name occurring with different arities. We treat this likewise in RIF, by numbering the different versions of the respective built-ins and treating the unnumbered version as syntactic sugar, i.e. for instance instead of External( func:concat2( str1, str2) ) and External( func:concat3( str1 str2 str3 ) ) we allow the equivalent forms External( func:concat( str1, str2) ) and External( func:concat( str1 str2 str3 ) ). Note that this is really purely syntactic sugar, and does not mean that for external predicates and functions we lift the restriction made in BLD that each function and predicate has a unique assigned arity. Those schemata for which we allow this syntactic sugar, appear in the same box. 

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