regrets for F2F12


Just to let you know, a work item that was secondary in priority and for which I 
was a backup was, through circumstances out of my control (and knowledge) 
elevated last week to urgent priority and I was made the prime.  This is a large 
government research proposal and it is due this Friday.

As a result, I will need to be here for the rest of the week finishing this work 
and tying up loose ends. All appears to be well in hand so I should be available 
remotely for most of the F2F meeting.  I will just need to (be available to) 
leave at a moment's notice when some last-minute crisis inevitably arises.

However I am totally "swapped out" on RIF right now, and have been since the 
start of the year, so it will take me some time to come back up to speed.

Apologies to all, and especially Gary, for missing the meeting in person.


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