Re: How to specify prefixes for test case conclusions

Right - i neglected to include that we also adopt some simple  
convention such as a positive entailment test is a rule like

PASSED() :- <conclusion>

Negative entailment tests are

FAILED() :- <conclusion>

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On Jan 30, 2009, at 4:16 AM, Jos de Bruijn <>  

> Chris Welty wrote:
>> This fulfills ACTION-633.
>> In test cases, we have the (very minor) problem of how to advise
>> implementors to treat the conclusion specifications - are they  
>> different
>> documents or the same document as the test case premise.  If they are
> They are not documents.  They are simply condition formulas.
>> the same document, then it is possible to reuse the namespace  
>> prefixes
>> from the premise and not re-declare them in the conclusion.  Also, if
> We can have this as a convention in the test case specification:
> CURIES in the conclusion are understood as full IRIs, expanded  
> according
> to the prefix definitions in the premise.
> Another possibility would be to have a number of prefix definitions on
> the test case level, which would be used to expand CURIES both in the
> premise and conclusion.
>> they are the same document then the "Local_Constant" test case [1]  
>> will
>> not work properly.
> I cannot see how this would work.  The BLD syntax does not have a  
> place
> for conclusions in documents.
> Best, Jos
>> </chair>
>> I suggest we approve the convention that the conclusion is the same
>> document, and rewrite the local constant test case to use imports to
>> achieve its effect. This convention appears to have been adopted in  
>> most
>> test cases anyway.
>> <chair>
>> I am extremely wary of any proposal to change BLD in order to address
>> what seems like a fairly simple problem.
>> -Chris
>> [1]
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