Re: draft public comment for OWL last call from RIF

I think this makes sense

Chris Welty wrote:
> [RIFWG - comments please.  This is the message I propose to send to the
> OWL public comments list from RIF.  Should I get more technical, or is
> this sufficient.]
> The RIF WG's primary mission is interchange, and interoperability
> between RIF and OWL is both an internal goal as well as, we believe, a
> goal of the semantic web community in general.  We believe that the
> semantic web standards should settle on a common set of datatypes and a
> common interpretation of them.
> We have reviewed the OWL choices for the XML schema datatypes and have
> found them acceptable for RIF with one exception:  we cannot work with
> the redefinition of xsd numeric datatypes with overlapping
> (non-disjoint) value spaces.  While we all agreed the idea of e.g.
> "1.0"^^xsd:double and "1"^^xsd:decimal being the same entity makes
> sense, RIF adds a set of builtin functions and predicates to its chosen
> xsd's and these are based on a wide implementation base that assume
> disjointness of xsd value spaces.  Breaking these implementations would
> negatively impact interchange and significantly raise the "barrier to
> entry".
> -The RIF WG

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