Re: int/float disjointness

> Now, in thinking about talking to OWL-WG about this, I'm wondering about
> a few other test cases.  In particular, I think in RIF Core, for the
> empty ruleset:
>    "1"^^xsd:decimal = "1"^^double    IS NOT entailed
> but
>    pred:numeric-equal("1"^^xsd:decimal, "1"^^double)  IS entailed
> Agreed?


> The question then, for OWL, is whether it's possible to still have
>    "1"^^xsd:decimal owl:sameAs "1"^^double.   
> be entailed.  Can we still allow that?  

They would need to change the definition of the language, and define
sameAs to be a notion of equality other than identity. They will not
like that. I don't like it either.

If two things are not the same, I don't think a sameAs statement should
be entailed. I suspect the OWL people share this sentiment.

> I think we could implement it in
> OWL-RL, using datatype guards and builtins, as above.

Probably, yes.
It might be a problem for RIF-OWL RL combinations, though.

> I'm trying to figure out whether our "push back" on OWL on this subject
> actually changes their implementations, or is really just about how they
> conceptualize the language.

I don't know how many implementations there are currently that give you
the sameAs entailment. I doubt there are very many.

Best, Jos

>       -- Sandro
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