How to specify prefixes for test case conclusions

This fulfills ACTION-633.

In test cases, we have the (very minor) problem of how to advise implementors to 
treat the conclusion specifications - are they different documents or the same 
document as the test case premise.  If they are the same document, then it is 
possible to reuse the namespace prefixes from the premise and not re-declare 
them in the conclusion.  Also, if they are the same document then the 
"Local_Constant" test case [1] will not work properly.

I suggest we approve the convention that the conclusion is the same document, 
and rewrite the local constant test case to use imports to achieve its effect. 
This convention appears to have been adopted in most test cases anyway.

I am extremely wary of any proposal to change BLD in order to address what seems 
like a fairly simple problem.


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Received on Thursday, 29 January 2009 21:05:11 UTC