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PING - informal chairs summary - 23 June 2016 Christine Runnegar (Friday, 24 June)

Sensor-based Mobile Web Fingerprinting and Cross-site Input Inference Attacks Nick Doty (Thursday, 23 June)

PING call - 28 July 2016 at UTC 16 Keiji Takeda (Thursday, 23 June)

PING – informal chairs’ summary – 26 May 2016 Tara Whalen (Thursday, 23 June)

PING call - 23 June 2016 at UTC 16 Christine Runnegar (Wednesday, 22 June)

regrets for next week from CDT... Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Thursday, 16 June)

webRTC looking for feedback from PING Greg Norcie (Thursday, 16 June)

[review] Performance APIs, Security and Privacy Ilya Grigorik (Wednesday, 1 June)

"Advertisers Might Already Be Using Your Phone’s Hardware to Track You" Greg Norcie (Tuesday, 31 May)

PING @ IETF Berlin - Thursday 21 July 2016 Christine Runnegar (Tuesday, 31 May)

PING – informal chairs summary – 28 April 2016 Tara Whalen (Thursday, 26 May)

"Online Tracking - A 1 Million-site measurment and analysis" Greg Norcie (Wednesday, 25 May)

Request for review of Data on the Web Best Practices Phil Archer (Tuesday, 24 May)

London Trust & Consent Event May 27th: An advanced look at the trust marketplace Mark Lizar (Monday, 16 May)

HTML5.1 review Léonie Watson (Tuesday, 10 May)

Fwd: Webmention WD Nick Doty (Tuesday, 3 May)

PING call - pls mark your calendar Christine Runnegar (Tuesday, 3 May)

IWPE'16 Privacy Engineering Workshop on May 26th, San Jose Dawson Frank (Nokia-TECH/Irving) (Sunday, 1 May)

ad-blocker detection scripts Christine Runnegar (Friday, 29 April)

strategies for getting more eyes on new standards Greg Norcie (Thursday, 28 April)

PING - IRC details for the call today Christine Runnegar (Thursday, 28 April)

Fwd: For your calendar - next PING call - 28 April 2016 UTC 16 Christine Runnegar (Tuesday, 26 April)

UK’s upper House urges privacy kitemark for online platforms | TechCrunch David Singer (Friday, 22 April)

Web Payments FPWDs published -- seeking early PING review Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 21 April)

Re: Verifying the disposition of responses to PING originated comments on “Media Capture and Streams” Stefan Håkansson LK (Thursday, 14 April)

Fwd: [encrypted-media] Privacy: Prohibit access/use of sensitive data (e.g. location) by CDMs Joseph Lorenzo Hall (Wednesday, 13 April)

Re: [vibration] privacy consideration PING comments Christine Runnegar (Monday, 11 April)

PING - informal chairs summary - 24 March 2016 Christine Runnegar (Monday, 4 April)

Re: Privacy report on sensors, for generic sensors API. Lukasz Olejnik (W3C) (Friday, 1 April)

Re: Privacy review request: Web Annotation model and protocol Greg Norcie (Friday, 1 April)

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