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[compositing] Various small fixes for Compositing & Blending Level 1

[css-transforms] Transforms on the Root SVG Element

[geometry] Add old DOMMatrix draft to list of previous versions

[geometry] Dictionary argument for DOMQuad constructor

[motion-path] More natural names for 'auto' and 'reverse'

[motion-path] Origin for motion paths?

[motion] direction and starting point of circle/ellipse

[web-animations] animation node start time is redundant

[web-animations] Bubble animation events to effects

[web-animations] Confusing variable names in Animatable.animate() examples

[web-animations] does rescheduling create pending task?

[web-animations] Elegant way to clear (nested) animation effect?

[web-animations] Is compounding easing functions really useful?

[web-animations] missing mutable timing properties in Animation interface]

[web-animations] no 'add' in iteration composite operations

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[web-animations] Please, provide examples for AnimationReadonly usage

[web-animations] Rationalizing the Animation interface

[web-animations] Relative Animation is taking over the world

[web-animations] Request to publish another WD of Web Animations

[web-animations] Sampling optimization

[web-animations] Setting the current time in the idle state should transition to paused not running

[web-animations] Time fraction when iteration duration is zero

[web-animations] Typo in the keyframe spacing modes definitions

[web-animations] Updating the finish promise in a separate task

[web-animations] Updating the finished promise in a separate task

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 25 May 2015

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 27 April 2015

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 28 May 2015

Animating SVG attributes from Web Animations

ClientRectList.item() usage is very low in Blink

Fwd: [please, review] [web-animations] AnimationPlayer.currentTime value if player has a pending pause task

Should filters on the root element affect the entire canvas?

Suggestion - <excludePath>

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