Re: [web-animations] Updating the finish promise in a separate task

On 2015/06/30 13:21, Brian Birtles wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently speccing finish/cancel events for animations and I think
> it makes sense to dispatch finish events and also update the finished
> promise in a separate task.

I was thinking of applying similar handling to the cancel event 
including the part where we cancel a pending finished promise.

However, a consequence of this handling is it means that in the 
following case:

   anim.currentTime = 0;

the finished promise won't resolve. Nor will any finish event fire.

Likewise, if you say:

   anim.currentTime = 0;

The finished promise won't fulfill or reject. Nor will the finish or 
cancel event fire.

Is that weird?

I wonder if we the following behavior is more intuitive:

1. cancel() queues event dispatch / promise rejection synchronously
    such that calling cancel() always triggers a cancel event unless
    the animation is already idle.

2. finish() likewise queues event dispatch / promise resolution
    synchronously unlike simply setting the currentTime.

(3. A timeline going inactive should cause us to update the hold time
     of any animation watching it. This is consistent with what happens
     when we set animation.timeline = null and means the only time we
     ever transition to the idle state is from a call to cancel().)

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