Re: [web-animations] animation node start time is redundant

On 2015/02/25 17:07, Aleksei Semenov wrote:
> Hello, everyone.
> The specification reads
>> The start time of an animation node is the moment in inherited
>> timewhen the animation node is scheduled to begin. In the absence of
>> animation groups,the start time is always zero.
> Since animation groups are moved to level 2, it is necessary to remove
> reference to them here.
> After that we will have: animation node start time is always zero.
> So start time becomes a constant.
> I think there is not much sense in such constant.
> I suggest to move the start time property to level 2.
> In addition I'd like to note, that figure 5
> in chapter '3.6.4. Local time and inherited time'
> ( )
> shows the animation nodes with start time equal to 1.
> I think, there should not be be such examples in
> the level 1 specification, which define
> animation node start time as 'always zero',

Sorry for the delay. This was a lot of work but should now be done:

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