[geometry] Add old DOMMatrix draft to list of previous versions

Here's a request to add


as an extra link under "Previous version" in the geometry spec at the next 

The CSS WG at a meeting last year resolved[1] to republish the old DOMMatrix 
draft as a NOTE to indicate that it is no longer relevant and that Geometry 
replaced it. But a little later somebody suggested a better idea: just 
mention the most recent DOMMatrix draft as a "previous version" in the 
Geometry draft. No need to publish a NOTE then, because the "latest version" 
of matrix will link automatically to geometry.

Unfortunately, no actions were assigned to anybody and the result is that I 
stopped working on my action to publish the NOTE I had prepared, but nobody 
added the previous version link to geometry.

I just noticed this today. I didn't want to add the link myself. When I 
prepared the NOTE for matrix, the editors of geometry looked at it and 
explicitly said it was fine. When the idea to replace the NOTE by a previous 
version was discussed, they didn't explicitly say they agreed. I'd like them 
to either add the link themselves or say explicitly they are OK with it.

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2014Oct/0295.html

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