Re: [web-animations] missing mutable timing properties in Animation interface]

On 2015/03/06 15:54, "Сергей Грехов" wrote:
> Hi All,
> AnimationTiming interface definition is the following
> (
> The AnimationTiming interface is a mutable subclass of
> AnimationTimingReadonly returned for the timing attribute of a mutable
> animation node such as Animation.
> But Animation interface doesn't contain any mutable timing properties. It
> has only
> readonly attribute AnimationTimingReadonly  timing;
> inherited from AnimationNodeReadonly. Mutable override should be added

This was discussed in [1] as well.

As Shane replied there, although you can't tell from the WebIDL, for a 
KeyframeEffect object (the equivalent to 'Animation' in the question 
above), the return value of the 'timing' attribute is an 
AnimationEffectTiming object which is mutable (and which inherits from 

This comes about because the constructor for a KeyframeEffect object 
initializes its timing property to a new AnimationEffectTiming object.[2]

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