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local-date() Mark Seaborne (Wednesday, 29 August)

Erratum that removed the sending of MIP related events on model-construct (Wednesday, 29 August)

Draft minutes 2007 August 29 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 29 August)

Subscribing to this mailing list Mark Seaborne (Wednesday, 29 August)

TELECON AGENDA 29 AUG 2007 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 29 August)

Fwd: [Reminder] Last Call Working Draft of the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 3.0) Steven Pemberton (Tuesday, 28 August)

Updated list of action items 2007-08-22 (Tuesday, 28 August)

Re: XML events: One event handler, multiple events Erik Bruchez (Monday, 27 August)

ANN: formsPlayer Community Edition 1.5.4 beta now available Mark Birbeck (Friday, 24 August)

Draft minutes for 2007 August 22 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 22 August)

TELECON AGENDA - 22 AUG 2007 Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 22 August)

Regrets for today's call Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 22 August)

PLEASE fill in the FtF questionnaire NOW Steven Pemberton (Wednesday, 22 August)

Big update to XForms 1.1 spec; Ready for your review John Boyer (Friday, 17 August)

Re: context for origin on xf:insert John Boyer (Thursday, 16 August)

A short video on point-and-click XForms design John Boyer (Wednesday, 15 August)

New action items and question about minutes John Boyer (Wednesday, 15 August)

Draft minutes for 2007 August 15 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 15 August)

Updated list of action items 2007-08-14 (Wednesday, 15 August)

TELECON AGENDA - 15 AUG 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 15 August)

11 action items done; need list update please John Boyer (Tuesday, 14 August)

Error in months() function example? John Boyer (Tuesday, 14 August)

Regrets for August 15 meeting Erik Bruchez (Sunday, 12 August)

Issue with using XML Events 2 with repeated content John Boyer (Friday, 10 August)

Issue with if and while attributes in XML Events 2 John Boyer (Friday, 10 August)

Issues with phase attribute in XML Events 2 John Boyer (Friday, 10 August)

Fw: forms task force mailing list, DBWG group created John Boyer (Thursday, 9 August)

Suddenly confused about today's repeat index discussion Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 8 August)

Belated Regrets Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer (Wednesday, 8 August)

Draft minutes for 2007-08-08 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 8 August)

TELECON AGENDA - 08 August 2007 John Boyer (Wednesday, 8 August)

Asynchronous submission is the default? Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 7 August)

Updated list of action items 2007-08-01 (Tuesday, 7 August)

[Fwd: Re: Feedback about the XForms 1.1 choose() function] Erik Bruchez (Thursday, 2 August)

Comment about location of choose() and event() functions in the spec Erik Bruchez (Wednesday, 1 August)

Reaching a conclusion about choose() John Boyer (Wednesday, 1 August)

Re: XForms 1.1 spec editor's drafts now available on public page (PR#91) Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 1 August)

ACTION ITEM: Eliminate Wording on homogeneous collection on repeat Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 1 August)

Draft minutes for August 1, 2007 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 1 August)

PicoForms announces XForms Voice Engine Mark Seaborne (Wednesday, 1 August)

Possible Regrets... Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer (Wednesday, 1 August)

Updated list of action items 2007-07-31 (Wednesday, 1 August)

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