11 action items done; need list update please

Please update the action item list based on all action items recorded thus 

Also, please update it to reflect that I have done the following:

Note that choose() is object version of if
Action 2007-08-01.3 

Better examples for seconds() and months()

Action 2007-08-01.2 

standardize keywords for digest() and hmac()

Action 2007-08-01.1 

Change verb to method

Action 2007-07-25.8 

Require one of method attr or method elem

Action 2007-07-25.7 

Clarify mediatype versus serialization

Action 2007-07-25.6 

UTF-8 default for submission encoding

Action 2007-07-25.5 

Default submission indent is false

Action 2007-07-25.4 

Submission version default is 1.0

Action 2007-07-25.3 

remove binding prop from xforms-insert/xforms-delete

Action 2007-07-25.2 

context() function

Action 2007-06-15.2 

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