RE: New action items and question about minutes

Yes, I pasted it in but Steven noticed I hadn't satisfied some bot's
format and he spent some time trying to get the format right for
re-pasting whatI had.  I'm not sure whether he succeeded.
The minutes have the resolutions and actions in them and they are
I'm beginning to think we should start posting links to the minutes from
the IRC instead of vice versa.


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Subject: New action items and question about minutes

The IRC seemed a bit muddled today. 

I did not see in the IRC channel the resolution and action item for me
to complete the removal of the inner repeat index reinitialization +
address Erik's email 0038. 

Leigh, are you doing the minutes+resolutions+actions separately (in your
usual manner)? 

In any case, the IRC did capture the resolution and action about
choose(), which is here (seemingly three times).  I think only the third
occurence is relevant since it is the only one with the actual text.
However, if Leigh's minutes contain both actions, then Nick it is
probably best just to go from there. 

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I see 3 open action items saved in
<>  : 
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ACTION:  [1] 
RRSAgent says: 
  recorded in
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ACTION:  [2] 
RRSAgent says: 
  recorded in
RRSAgent says: 
ACTION: jboyer to make wording changes in
e>  to amends notes, first sentence of description, and add notes as
described in minutes and look for occurrences of if() throughout spec,
including examples. [3] 
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