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RE: Suddenly confused about today's repeat index discussion

From: John Boyer <boyerj@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 21:33:06 -0700
To: "Kugelman, John" <jkugelman@progeny.net>
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Yes but if you click the group, does it change the repeat index?

Also does FF then go into every inner repeat (and every one of their inner 
repeats and so on) to change their indexes?

FYI, in our implementation, setting focus to a container like a group or a 
repeat or a switch is handled specially because those objects cannot 
directly take the focus.  They can only own it indirectly by owning the 
control that has the focus.  So, we seek out the first item within the 
container that can accept the focus and send it there (which may involve 
drilling into inner repeats, switch cases, or groups to find).  So, the 
end-user control gets the DOMFocusIn, which bubbles up to the container.

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RE: Suddenly confused about today's repeat index discussion

FormFaces behaves the same way.

John Kugelman, FormFaces

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I don't think our implementation dispatches DomFocusIn on groups:
i.e., if you focus on a control within a group, you will get
DOMFocusIn, and that will bubble, but if you click on the area of the
group outside any other control, then we don't dispatch the
event. What do other implementations do?
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