PicoForms announces XForms Voice Engine

PicoForms (http://www.picoforms.com) announces the release of its 
XForms Voice Engine, which allows customers to deploy XForms with 
speech recognition and voice output. The engine can be accessed through 
a telephone, so it complements PicoForms existing product line, which 
include XForms engines for mobile devices and Microsoft Internet 
Explorer. Now customers have the ability to deploy XForms applications 
on desktop browsers, mobile phones and PDA's and through voice 
response, as phone applications.

Mark Seaborne
Senior Standards Architect
web:    http://www.picoforms.com
e-mail: mark.seaborne@picoforms.com
tel: +44 131 2080031
mobile:  +44 787 2180215

Received on Wednesday, 1 August 2007 15:07:55 UTC