Re: Big update to XForms 1.1 spec; Ready for your review

> You may have to try yet another time convincing me ;-)

Oh alright then, as its you :-)
> But the readonly MIP is not honored by @calculate! This tells me that
> the readonly MIP does not ensure a value doesn't change. And if I can
> change it with @calculate, I don't see why I can't change it with
> xforms:setvalue.

read-only and calculate are both MIPs, and the model reflects the 
cumulative effect of MIPs to any consuming form. So, from the form 
author's view point, they know that particular nodes are read-only, 
whether or not calculate and read-only are used together or alone.

From the model author's perspective, the behaviour is defined, so they 
know what they get if calculate and read-only are combined.
> And consider that xforms:setvalue is not a view only thing, it is very
> often used in the model, for example I have a use case in front of me
> where I perform certain initializations this way upon xforms-ready.

Yes, me too. But I think of setvalue as not really belonging to the 
model, more to the controller. I don't think the model is just whatever 
sits inside the model element, rather it is the combination of schema 
and MIPs. After all, the model can also contain message - which is view.

Placing these constructs within the model element is really just a 
convenience to allow the form author to take advantage of particular 
events, as you imply.  

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