Re: Big update to XForms 1.1 spec; Ready for your review

Mark Seaborne wrote:
 >> All,
 >> I think there are some good points that came up in this
 >> discussion. It's good to see that this is causing more people
 >> (finally, I should say) to react to what's going on.
 >> But I am still not convinced by Nick, Mark and Joern's arguments!
 > Well, I'll just have to try again then ;-)

You may have to try yet another time convincing me ;-)

 > The argument is not that the terms of any MIPs can never be
 > violated, that depends on the purpose of each MIP. Rather, we are
 > saying that a MIP should be honoured in the same way by direct user
 > action through a form control, and any other mechanisms used to set
 > values.

But the readonly MIP is not honored by @calculate! This tells me that
the readonly MIP does not ensure a value doesn't change. And if I can
change it with @calculate, I don't see why I can't change it with

And consider that xforms:setvalue is not a view only thing, it is very
often used in the model, for example I have a use case in front of me
where I perform certain initializations this way upon xforms-ready.


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