Re: PicoForms announces XForms Voice Engine

Hi Mark,

This seems like the kind of thing you want to post to www-forms too.
And I would have said add it to the wiki news too, but you did (and thanks 
for that)!

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Re: PicoForms announces XForms Voice Engine

Really sorry I forgot to put ANN: at the beginning of the post :-(

On Wed, 1 Aug 2007 16:08:59 +0100, Mark Seaborne wrote:
> PicoForms ( announces the release of its 
> XForms Voice Engine, which allows customers to deploy XForms with 
> speech recognition and voice output. The engine can be accessed through 
> a telephone, so it complements PicoForms existing product line, which 
> include XForms engines for mobile devices and Microsoft Internet 
> Explorer. Now customers have the ability to deploy XForms applications 
> on desktop browsers, mobile phones and PDA's and through voice 
> response, as phone applications.
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