Asynchronous submission is the default?


I notice in the current XForms 1.1 spec that the default value for
xforms:submission/@mode is "asynchronous". I am not sure why this is
the case. It seems that this is backward, but I may be mistaken. Did
we discuss this and was there a good rationale for using asynchronous?

If you are to implement submission in XForms 1.0, say, it seem to me
that you would go with the more naive implementation and not bother
with asynchronism, as this will may require spawning another thread or
comparable mechanism.

At least, that's the way we implement it in Orbeon Forms. What do
other implementations do?

If it is the case that in 1.0 the default is (or is interpreted) as
synchronous, then shouldn't the default in XForms 1.1 be the same?


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Received on Tuesday, 7 August 2007 21:46:11 UTC