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[UCR] Next tasks

Agenda for Monday October 23rd

Agenda for Monday, October 2 / Resolution of Action 42

Agenda, October 31 !!Check your time!!

dxwg-ACTION-45: Look at the option to circulate github pull request notification to dxwg mailing list

dxwg-ACTION-46: Contact lars via email to see if can do an hour later at 9pm utc

dxwg-ACTION-47: Look at providing draft naming of groups for rest of requirements

dxwg-ACTION-48: Generate graphical representation of the version definition problem space

dxwg-ACTION-49: Propose possible types for versioning

dxwg-ACTION-50: Create use case relating to real world entities as source of data

dxwg-ACTION-51: Update text in 6.13

dxwg-ACTION-52: Move makx's new use case into ucr draft

funding-grant vocabulary

Fwd: dxwg-ACTION-44: Go back to use cases to discover which resources need versioning, and create specific requirements

Ixchel & Karen created mock-up of requirements list

Meeting agenda October 16

Meeting Monday, October 9

Meeting next Tuesday November 7th

regrets for today's meeting

Relating versions and UC47 (Define update method)

Requirements grouping suggestion

Timezones redux - please pay attention to 1990-2200UTC

Transport DCAT-AP

Update on versioning for Monday?

Use case requirement 6.13.1

Weekly meetings

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