RE: Agenda, October 31 !!Check your time!!

My likely regrets - I'm not sure I'll be able to join the call tomorrow.



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>***Note!!!*** Check the time for the meeting in your time zone. This is
>our first meeting under the new time, but in particular for those in the
>US the time will change again next week after US goes to daylight
>wasting time.

>Part of this meeting will be planning for the f2f so that we can put out
>a first draft of the agenda. It seems that the f2f will need to focus on
>requirements, and to organize that we will look (briefly) this week at
>Rob's suggested categories.[1] Please take a look at that and comment if
>you have other ideas.
>Also, if you are participating remotely and have an idea of what hours
>you might be available, please add these to the f2f planning page [2]. A
>number of you are listed as "hours to be defined", but if you could
>provide some idea of your availability that would help us plan.

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