[UCR] Next tasks

Here is what I understood from the last meeting regarding next tasks for
the UCR group:

- finish copying requirements (and their headings) to the Google Doc[1].
- number requirements as sub to the numbering of the headings, eg.
 6.1 Define an application profile
   6.1.1 Create a sufficiently wide definition of....
- add deliverables column (Ixchel has already done this)

If this is not how folks understood what we wanted, please speak up.

I am assuming a couple of things:
- requirements and headings may change as we go over them
- requirements numbers will be finalized at the end, that is: if we
delete a requirement we'll leave the old numbers alone so any reference
to the number is stable
- there will probably be a fair amount of adjustment happening in the
"deliverables" column before we reach consensus on those so let's not
consider those "in stone" at the beginning but "ideas"

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