Timezones redux - please pay attention to 1990-2200UTC

Hello all. I'm sorry that the time changes are so complex, but between
the size of the planet and the fact of it having hemispheres ... we just
have to work it out.

I know that many of you would prefer not to meet in the UTC 1900-2200
time slot because it's in the middle of an evening. However, unless we
select a time in that time range our members from Australia and New
Zealand simply cannot reasonably participate, since we would be asking
them to meet at times like 2:00 a.m. We've had a pretty comfortable
meeting time for the past few months, with times ranging from 7am to
midnight, but circumstances beyond our control make the 1400UTC slot

If you have not answered the poll, please do.[1] If you have answered
but have not included any times in the new range, please go back and try
again. You can consider the choices "Yes, I can if I must" and "No,
there is no way in heck" rather than mere preferences. I think we know
what people prefer, but now we need to ask for generosity.

For your information, the times favored so far in the later range are:

2000-2100, 2100-2200 Tuesday
2000 Wednesday

We won't consider Friday because that would be Saturday for the folks
over the date line. As it is, if we select, say, Tuesday that will be
Wednesday morning for our members in Australia/New Zealand.

Remember, too, that we will have a chance to revisit this in March or
April of next year. (Have I mentioned that I think daylight savings time
is ridiculous? And also inconvenient.)

[1] https://beta.doodle.com/poll/n66t9dth6u5gfi2t

p.s. If anyone wants to see it, I have my version of 1900-2200 as a
Doodle but can also download in XLS table form.
p.p.s. I haven't been able to talk this over with Caroline since she has
been out of town, but I'm hoping that the team can make a decision next
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