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RE: Meeting Monday, October 9

From: <andrea.perego@ec.europa.eu>
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2017 12:45:37 +0000
To: <rob@metalinkage.com.au>, <kcoyle@kcoyle.net>
CC: <public-dxwg-wg@w3.org>
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+1 from me to 20:00 UTC.


From: Rob Atkinson [rob@metalinkage.com.au]
Sent: 09 October 2017 14:42
To: Karen Coyle
Cc: public-dxwg-wg@w3.org
Subject: Re: Meeting Monday, October 9

I dont think i'm going to last out till 1am and still be any use.  Look forward to meeting change. 2000 utc would be even better :-)

Rob Atkinson

On 6 Oct 2017 08:51, "Karen Coyle" <kcoyle@kcoyle.net<mailto:kcoyle@kcoyle.net>> wrote:

Note that we will be having a discussion about our meeting time, with a
suggestion to move from 1400UTC to 1900UTC.* We may decide to run a poll
to make sure most people are still able to meet on Mondays. If you will
be missing Monday's meeting, please pay attention to subsequent emails
on this topic.

* Due to changes caused by "daylight savings time"
Karen Coyle
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