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[Agenda] 2015-07-24

[dwbp] BP - URI structure is not relevant for REST

About BP30 and Eric's message

Action-189 update to DUV needed based on resolved issues 169-172


Agenda for tomorrow

BP Document 3rd Draft

comments regarding versioning

Data Quality in NYC Business Atlas

DWBP feeback

dwbp-ACTION-164: Work with phil to propose text to replace

dwbp-ACTION-184: Review the existing template and identify any additional fields that could be added to improve the bp

dwbp-ACTION-185: Create template for feedback on dqv and duv together with all editors

dwbp-ACTION-186: Target specific groups to ask for feedback on duv

dwbp-ACTION-187: Target specific groups to ask for feedback on dqv

dwbp-ACTION-188: Follow up with daq vocab people

dwbp-ACTION-189: Update to Data Vocabulary document required based on resolved issues 169, 170, 171, 172

dwbp-ACTION-190: Send e-mail to the wg summarising the currente state of the bp doc, including tasks and decisions to be taken.

dwbp-ISSUE-166: Should the data vocabularies section be removed? [Best practices document(s)]

GeoDCAT-AP: Call for public review

Invitation for public review of DCAT-AP

reviewing the BP doc

Sao Paulo f2f

This week's agenda online

thoughts on the dataset usage vocab


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